Who we are:

Since 1985 Makler S.A., a well known Insurance Broker of the Argentine market, services it's growing insurance portfolio with the most sophisticated Risk Management know how. With our flexible creative and non conventional approach, our organization assumes the commitment to provide innovative solutions to the insurance needs of each of our clients.

Services we render:

» Risk Analysis (Identification) / Risk/Loss Control Programs.
» Design of the Risk Management Program (Administration).
» Insurance Program Design & Placement (Transference).
» Making-up of Bids / Group Products Design.
» Insurance auditorship & Special Reports Claims Administration/TPA.
» Reinsurance Management.
» Regional & International Programs Administration.
» Institutional & Captive Portfolio Administration.
» Portfolio Administration for Brokers & Agents.

Operatives Departments:


Makler S.A. operates and services its clients needs through several specific Departments:

» General Insurance Department
The National Corporate Accounts Department, the biggest one, manages around US$ 60.000.000 in premiums, being Marine Cargo the most important line.

» Marine Yachts Department
This Department is specialized in Marine Hull, basically targeting high valued Yachts. Working with top "A" rated insurers we have developed exclusive All Risk covers with unique services. We offer up to U$S 1.000.000.- automatic capacity.

» Workers Comp. Department / Personal Accidents Department
After the mandatory reorganization of the Argentine W.C. system in June 1996, this Department has developed widely due to the administration of 35.000 workers portfolio and over 40.000 Personal Accidents policies.

» Life & Health Department
Based upon W.C./A.R.T. portfolio, we have developed important Life coverages. We also have tailor made Health products and life pooling for multinationals and expatriate personnel.

» Aviation Department
During the last two years this Department had the largest growth due to the new technology applied regarding Leasing Plans and Long Terms Financiation.

» Risk Management & Engineering Department
Actually this Department provides "Risk Control" & "Integrated Risk Programs Administration" to 30 Companies, ranked under the 500 Tops in Argentina by different magazines.

» Special Risks Division
Since 1998 we have developed a special division that handles unusual risks such as:
Extended Warranty
• Fine Arts
Jewelers Block
• Contingency
• Sports
• Kidnapping - Ransom
• E-Commerce (Cyber Risks)

International Division:

This Department was basically created to provide technical & commercial advices specifically adapted to Worldwide Programs of our Multinational Clients. For additional information please contact: Nélida Casillas de Dalimier
Operative System:  
Our operative system follows these steps:
First commercial meeting with the Client.
Reaching & Definition of our services.
Action Plan & Schedule Services.
Technical Meetings on the following issues: 
1. Operative information on Clients Companies.
2. Analysis of the insurance & prevention policies.
3. Analysis of Physical Risks.

Introductive meeting of our General Program presenting:
Risk Control recommendations.
Design of the Risk Management & Insurance Program.
Alternatives to the Insurance Program.
Once we have Client acceptance we proceed to:
Final adjustment of the Risk Management Program.
Insurance Program placement.
Making up of Management Reports/Administration Softs.

After inception our service includes (non taxative lists):
Permanent advising & evaluation Program.
Follow up of Risk Control Plan.
Technical assistance.
Risk Management prevention (acquisition of new companies).
Investment plans advising & evaluation.
In force insurances’ general administration.
"On line" services/"On site" claims.
Program’s annual cost revision.

Main Insurers we deal with:


• Property / Casualty & Life

ACE Argentina S.A
Afianzadora Latinoamericana
Allianz Group
Aseguradora de Créditos & Garantías
Aseguradores de Cauciones
Berkley International
BBVA Consolidar
Caja de Seguros S.A.
CESCE Argentina
Chubb Argentina S.A.
CNP Assurance
Compagnie Francaise D' Assurance
Compañia de Seguros INSUR
Fianzas y Creditos S.A.
Generali Argentina S.A.
HDI seguros
HSBC seguros de Vida
Instituto Asegurador Mercantil
La Holando Sudamericana
La Mercantil Andina
La Meridional S.A.
La Segunda Cooperativa limitada de Seguros
Liberty S.A.

Mapfre S.A.

Nación Seguros
Noble Seguros
Provincia Seguros S.A.
QBE Seguros S.A
RSA El Comercio
San Cristobal
Sancor Cooperativa de Seguros
SMG Seguros S.A.
Testimonio Compañia de Seguros S.A.


• Workers Compensation / A.R.T.

Asociart A.R.T.
Berkley International
Galeno A.R.T.
Interaccion A.R.T.
La Caja A.R.T.

La Holando Sudamericana A.R.T.
La Segunda Cooperativa limitada de Seguros
Mapfre ART S.A.
Prevención A.R.T.

Provincia A.R.T. S.A.
QBE Insurance A.R.T.

How to contact us:

MAKLER S.A. - Insurance & Risk Management Advisers
25 de Mayo 596 - 3rd Floor
C1002ABL - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Tel. (+54 11) 5275 7400 
Fax. (+54 11) 5275 7444

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